Overlooking the pond in Tri County Nature Preserve

The Journey Begins

I was ready for an escape.

I felt pent up in the city and I needed to get back to my roots. The drive took over an hour as I wound through corn fields and forests.

You don’t take time in the city to slow down. Go. Go. Go. Hustle harder.

But for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel like I needed to hurry. As I delved deeper into Tri County Nature Preserve, I slowed my car down and rolled down the windows.

The road winds through the nature preserve

This. This is what I had been looking for. You can’t describe the feeling. Have you ever traveled to a place that is completely foreign, yet feels like home at the same time?

The sounds of nature surrounded me – crickets chirping, frogs humming, and the sound of geese squawking as they soared above me.

A blackbird sits on reeds overlooking Goldeneye Pond


As I approached the house, I knew I had found my little slice of heaven. It is nestled in a sleepy little neighborhood on the North shores of Lake Webster. North Webster is the quintessential small town, where strangers greet you with warm smiles and the whole town is closed  on Sundays.

For two years, I called the cozy blue cottage my full-time home. However, due to a job transition, I relocated back to the city. Yet somehow, I couldn’t say goodbye to this chapter of my life.

This year, I turned my home into a vacation rental. I wanted to share the peace and the tranquility that I was so fortunate to have experienced over the past two years. Now I carry on the Webster tradition of greeting strangers with warm smiles.

Welcome home!



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