Creativity in the Details

Today we’re going to talk about something that most of you probably won’t be interested in – WiFi network names!

Pretty bland and generic, right? I disagree – but hear me out before you make up your mind!

Believe it or not, the Cozy Blue Cottage has great internet connection. Many business travelers especially appreciate this when they are on the road working and vacationing guests can spend the day curled up by the fireplace watching movies in cooler weather.

When the Cozy Blue Cottage was first started, I saw an opportunity to carry the personality of the cottage throughout the entire dwelling. From big pieces such as dressers and sofas to small details such as lighting and hardware, no detail was too small to personalize.

This includes the WiFi network.

When I was first thinking about network names, I wanted it to be recognizable and cohesive with the cottage. For this reason, I chose The Brass Woodpecker.

Why, you ask?

My goal was to make every aspect of the cottage warm, welcoming, and inviting. I mixed eclectic and cozy (but functional!) elements throughout the house, including the exterior. I also love pieces that have a story.

The front porch of the cozy blue cottage

This story started with a hand-me-down antique brass mailbox that was passed on to me from my grandfather. It greets each and every guest that stays at the cottage and it carries the personality of the cottage from the inside to the outside.

An antique brass mailbox welcomes guests to the Cozy Blue Cottage

I also wanted to accentuate the authentic dutch doors that welcome you into the cottage. This past Spring, I installed a woodpecker knocker that really completes the front facade. Many guests stay at the cottage while they are visiting friends and family in the area and the knocker creates the sense of welcoming someone into your own home away from home.

A brass woodpecker door knocker on the front dutch door to the cozy blue cottage

So there you have it! The history behind The Brass Woodpecker network name.

What do you think? Are fancy WiFi names overrated or an appreciated detail?



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