One in 4 million

Out of 4 million listings worldwide (and 660,000 in the US alone), there’s no place quite like The Cozy Blue Cottage. In fact, The Cozy Blue Cottage joined the ranks of superhosted homes last month!

Cozy blue cottage is 1 in 4 million AirBnB Listings

I very rarely meet someone who hasn’t heard of (or used) AirBnB. But what made me join this group of hosts that regularly welcome strangers in to our homes? Great question!

At first, I Continue reading “One in 4 million”

5 Chilly Weather Activities to Plan for Your Fall Vacation

North Webster swells in population during the warmer summer months and the flow of visitors slows to a trickle as the cooler weather sets in around Mid-October. Although most people lament the end of summer, I live for these chilly fall days. I’ve lived in Northern Indiana for most of my life so the cold doesn’t phase me much anymore. Just because the temperatures are cooling off, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still plenty of activities to enjoy during your stay at The Cozy Blue Cottage. Here are 5 chilly weather activities to plan for your fall vacation.

5 Chilly Weather Activities to Plan for Your Fall Vacation

1) Take a hike through the fall colors. In October, the temperatures can get down to the 30s and 40s, which is tolerable if you’ve got enough layers on. So layer up, put on your long underwear and some cozy wool socks and hit the trails Continue reading “5 Chilly Weather Activities to Plan for Your Fall Vacation”

10 Reasons Being an AirBnB Host is a Dream Job

In May of this year, I walked away from the comfort of a consistent paycheck and corporate sponsored benefits and transitioned to the world of self-employment. Getting out of the comfort zone is not easy; it is so easy to succumb to complacency! But I just didn’t feel like myself anymore so I decided to cut ties with the corporate world.

When I started to run my own AirBnB and manage my own business I realized that I had found my calling.

So, for those of you who have always wondered what it’s like to manage The Cozy Blue Cottage, here are 10 of the reasons why being an AirBnB host is a dream job.

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1) You get to know people from all different backgrounds. I’ve had guests stay at the cottage for all sorts of reasons. Many guests come to celebrate anniversaries or Continue reading “10 Reasons Being an AirBnB Host is a Dream Job”