One in 4 million

Out of 4 million listings worldwide (and 660,000 in the US alone), there’s no place quite like The Cozy Blue Cottage. In fact, The Cozy Blue Cottage joined the ranks of superhosted homes last month!

Cozy blue cottage is 1 in 4 million AirBnB Listings

I very rarely meet someone who hasn’t heard of (or used) AirBnB. But what made me join this group of hosts that regularly welcome strangers in to our homes? Great question!

At first, I became an AirBnB host simply to create a source of income after I quit my job in May of 2018. It was a necessity for survival.

But what I didn’t anticipate was that hosting would become a passion of mine.

Sure, paying my bills is great and all, but what I truly enjoy is providing a home away from home for people. I have spent weeks working to customize, upgrade, and improve the cottage – something that has given me great pride in my home.

The Cozy Blue Cottage in Fall

A pride that I want to share with others.

And that is why The Cozy Blue Cottage is so unique – it’s why it has an almost perfect rating and guests continue to come back.

This is more than a job or profession for me; I pour my heart and soul into hosting. No detail goes unnoticed. That is what makes The Cozy Blue Cottage really stand out from the crowd of 4 million AirBnB listings.

So, even if I do decide to go back to the corporate world someday, I don’t think I’ll ever stop hosting.

It has become a part of who I am and I look forward to years of welcoming strangers into my home.



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