10 Reasons Being an AirBnB Host is a Dream Job

In May of this year, I walked away from the comfort of a consistent paycheck and corporate sponsored benefits and transitioned to the world of self-employment. Getting out of the comfort zone is not easy; it is so easy to succumb to complacency! But I just didn’t feel like myself anymore so I decided to cut ties with the corporate world.

When I started to run my own AirBnB and manage my own business I realized that I had found my calling.

So, for those of you who have always wondered what it’s like to manage The Cozy Blue Cottage, here are 10 of the reasons why being an AirBnB host is a dream job.

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1) You get to know people from all different backgrounds. I’ve had guests stay at the cottage for all sorts of reasons. Many guests come to celebrate anniversaries or holidays (such as Memorial Day and Independence Day). I’ve also welcomed guests in town for weddings, graduations, and fishing tournaments. My guests range in age from newborns and toodlers to late 60s and every age in between.

2) You get to set your own schedule. If I’m being completely honest, the 9 to 5 daily grind of the corporate life just did not jive with me. Running my own AirBnB allows me to set my own schedule and manage my time without having to punch in or out. Sure, I may be messaging guests in the wee morning hours or late at night, but the flexibility just works much better for me.

3) You decide who you want to do business with. Some of my worst memories from the corporate world involve questionable characters who I really did not want to do business with. At the time, I was forced to do business with some shady characters because that’s “what was best for the company“. As an AirBnB host, I get to decide who I do (or don’t) want to do business with.

4) You help make cherished memories for your guests. In late June of this year, I hosted a bride-to-be and her four bridesmaids. A few weeks after they checked out, the bride sent me the pictures that they had taken during their stay at the cottage. As an AirBnB host, I was humbled and touched that I was able to help make her special day perfect.

Front Porch

5) You contribute to local tourism economies. Even for local Indiana guests, many people who come to stay at The Cozy Blue Cottage haven’t heard of the sleepy lake town of North Webster. As a local AirBnB host, I provide guests with bundles of tourism information so that there’s always plenty of activities to participate in.

6) You provide a home away from home for weary travelers. During my ten years in the corporate word, I have done a fair amount of cross-country and international travel.

On one trip in particular, after being lodged in a chain hotel for over a month, I was getting tired of coming back to the same hotel room. Even though the bed was always magically made when I returned each evening, it was completely impersonal and I felt like I was living like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

Staying at AirBnB properties provides a sense of home and belonging that hotels often lack.

7) You get an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment. Don’t get me wrong – I was pretty proud of my 25 year old self when I bought The Cozy Blue Cottage, but running my own business before I turned 30 was a huge milestone on my bucket list.

8) It helps fund many big renovation projects, travel adventures, and new business opportunities. I am a travel addict. It’s my high of choice and it’s definitely not a cheap hobby. Being an AirBnB host gives me financial support so I can continue to travel regularly.

It also provides financial resources to help renovate the house (such as restoring the old wood windows) and it helps fund my freelance graphic design business opportunities.

9) You make this great, big world feel more interconnected. There are billions of people on this planet, most of them unknown strangers. Once you start welcoming strangers into your home, the world feels a bit closer. Being an AirBnB host helps bring lives together all over the world.

10) It helps you see things differently. Although I would consider myself an introvert, being an AirBnB host has shown me how great strangers can truly be. For the most part, the guests that I welcome into my home have been exceptionally kind and caring. While it can feel like this world is filled with terrible, awful people, being an AirBnB host reminds me that I need to take off my rose colored glasses and see the world with childlike curiosity.

So there you have it: my 10 reasons being an AirBnB host is a dream job. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication but it’s totally worth it to me.

What do you think? Would you give it a shot?


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